Do you want more attention for you and your partner? It is nice when you do things together with your husband / wife.

Key words are discovering, deepening and strengthening.

Heilbron, together with various organizations, speakers and experts, organizes wedding weekends from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon to interact with each other on different themes.

What is the biblical meaning of marriage.
Who are you, who is the other?
How does parenting affect your relationship?
Trust, intimacy and sexuality.

We want to give guidelines to couples and offer a pleasant weekend.

Because we see that people can be completely absorbed in the hustle and bustle of society, an MOT can be very good for your marriage.

The weekends take place at Heilbron in the beautiful Sauerland. You will stay in a luxury double room and there will be plenty of opportunity to enjoy the surroundings.

Welcome to seek together and invest in quality in your relationship.